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Exciting, new Mindfulness programme helping people to focus on what is important at this moment of time.

Participants will develop an understanding of mindfulness. Used consistently you will gain a level of self-awareness to enable you to function more effectively and efficiently. Soar in confidence across a wide range of useful skills: communication; achieving goals; planning; busting fears; turning up helpful habits; turning down the unhelpful; as well as reconnecting with your ambitions.

The 8 sessions, running for 8 weeks (lasting for two and half hours each) are lead by Pravin Navekar, a qualified mindfulness trainer and practitioner.   

Pravin told us “I’m thrilled to be delivering this programme. It’s very rewarding. We’re living through challenging times, and the people we work with tell us that getting training like this can make all the difference. We’ve put together a light programme that’s crammed with useful stuff to help participants get more of what they want, whether that’s in work or life in general. Mindfulness can help us become aware of what is important now and not get stuck in the past or worry about the future. Remember what you do now influences your future. People can chip in as much as they feel comfortable with. It’s good fun.”

Places are limited so please register your interest by emailing us
enquiries@say-i.co.uk and we’ll send you full details.




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